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UK Immigration Routes


Immigration to UK

UK immigration is an ever-evolving and complex process. Lannex Immigration assist the applicants in different categories who wish to migrate to UK under Living, Work, study or Intra-Transfer visas. We work with individual as well as Corporate clients to advise successful migration strategy, conforming to each unique case and scenario.

Lannex Immigration offers services that cover the full spectrum of UK immigration categories, including (but not limited to) advice on UK visit visas and the Points-Based System (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4 and Tier 5) as well as spouse, fiancé, cohabitating partners applications, Elderly dependent relatives, exceptional applications, EU applications and immigration appeals.


Working in the UK

  Viable options exists for individuals seeking to work in UK. Under Tier 2 (Intra-Company Transfer) migration, applicants can enter UK to work after provision of Sponsorship certificate by their UK employer. However, the Sponsorship must be backed by valid Sponsor Licence and the rules regarding sponsorship are of profound technicality and legality. Lannex Immigration extend Professional solicitation to companies wanting to sponsor overseas workforce. 

Commonwealth citizens after satisfying requirements such that if one of their grandparents were UK born, can work in UK under UK Ancestry visa.


Joining the family

  The immigration rules regarding individual wanting to join a family member in the UK are rigorous. Such cases require careful handling and efficient solicitation which Lannex Immigration can handle most efficiently. Cases such as living with a partner, a child joining parent in the UK or adult dependent relatives and similar cases are handled by Lannex Immigration.

Lannex Immigration also assist Non-EEA residents to join their EEA family member in the UK and continue their stay alongside other EU regulations.

Other Routes


Investing in UK

 Tier 1 Investor Visa Program facilitates individuals eligible for immigration with the initial capital investment of at least £2 million in UK Home Office specified investment opportunities. 


Study in UK

  Overseas students offered a placement letter by a University, Graduate college or a school are eligible to come to UK for the duration of their chosen course of study.  

Lannex Immigration also specializes in guiding applicants under Tier 4 (General) and Tier 4 (Child) visas.

EEA Nationals and Family members: EEA Nationals and their family members are eligible to live in UK if they fulfil ‘Treaty Rights’. Such individuals need to comply by providing a series of required documents. Further details can be provided on a telephonic assessment. To book a Call back, please fill in the form in Contact Us.

In lieu of Brexit decision by UK, EEA nationals and their family members must register under the EU Settlement Scheme, if the Brexit rationalize on Agreement or ‘No Deal’ basis. The deadline for registration under this scheme would be December 2020 or June 2021. Lannex Immigration extends assistance to EEA nationals in this case under settled or pre-settled basis.


Visiting UK

  Individuals from countries non-barred to enter UK can obtain a visitor visa after fulfilling initial requirements. Contact us for information regarding Visitor visa requests.

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We are a team of qualified, licensed Immigration Legal representatives (Level 3) under the Regulation of the OISC in UK to help expats explore the right and yielding option to move to UK. 

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