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Immigration is a life-altering for better future decision and as a result, it requires a careful planning, understanding and expert assistance in each step of the way. This is where We comes in to play the vital role to help you out in every phase of the big decision.

Book a Free assessment Live call or Callback from our expert representative to guide you in detail about all the possible options pertaining to your profile for UK immigration. We will guide about the exact procedure that will get your foot on UK soil for a great, bright future. However, please bear in mind that the expert representative would not be a solicitor so the legalities of your application will be collated to the panel of Solicitors, in case you decide to have your case handled by Lannex Immigration.

Lannex Immigration and Legal advice Services is a private law firm and we fully respect and confer your confidentiality. All your information is handled with utmost care and confidentiality and no part of it is shared with third party. The initial assessment is a basic scrutiny and professional, precise feedback to your credentials so you have a clear idea to continue with your decision in the right way.

Subsequently, your best course of action regarding the immigration is then executed by the Solicitors and your application is then formally taken up for furthering your application towards the actual goal – Your Immigration to UK.


 Received the unwanted letter? Do not put down your hopes. Just scan, take a photo of your refusal letter and upload on this page for a FREE refusal assessment. Isn’t that just a breeze amid despair?

Additional Information: Having a Visa application refusal is a big setback to all the hopes one builds up as they put forward their case for UK immigration, so it’s undeniably exasperating experience. Not to mention the tedious task of going through the technicalities trying to find out the exact reason. We help you in such case as we take up your refusal letter for a Free assessment and after professional scrutiny, build up a substantial case for reassessment by UK Home Office.

The fact that the ultimate decision lies with UK Home Office but we put forward a fully convincing and solid application for reassessment so the chances are high that the verdict would be in your favour.  

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By making this enquiry I am requesting UK Immigration Solicitors to use my data to handle my enquiry and keep me informed of relevant updates in accordance with your privacy policy and collective terms of business. 

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We are a team of qualified, licensed Immigration Legal representatives (Level 3) under the Regulation of the OISC in UK to help expats explore the right and yielding option to move to UK. 

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